Gratitude is so……..2014

PicMonkey Collage.pngLUCKY ME, IT’S STILL 2014
I am so,so lucky it is still 2014 as gratitude is even a phenomenon this year that is trendy enough, everyone is doing it (Oops was that a comparison??), On top of that, I am truly grateful for all that already happened this year. This blog alone is almost the number one thing to be thankful for.

Anyways, almost 200 likes on Facebook, more than 3000 views on the site in the last 5 months, since I started in Feb. It might not seem like a lot and “IF” I would compare my blog to others I am sure it isn’t much. But for me it is a big deal. My greatest and most relentless ego hideout place is jealousy and therefore not comparing my blog is the best thing I can do for you and the very, very, best thing I can do for me too.

I AM A CONTENT BEING for the moment
I haven’t compared myself to other blogs, nor have I made a judgement beforehand of how my blog should be or how it should fare. I didn’t even set goals in terms of numbers of visitors etc. – PATTED HERSELF CONTENTEDLY ON THE SHOULDER

GOAL!! – No not the soccer kind!
The only goal I had in mind was sharing, sharing, sharing, and seeing my mind’s own imprisonment, by it’s conditioned habitual thinking, more clearly. That alone means I am working on my goal.

Now you must have seen my dedication’s page for this blog and you might think: “that is as much as setting a goal”…but really it is not, it is merely a wish that it might help others on a similar quest like mine. So when I read your comments and hear your feedback I believe it strikes a chord and it is a good, good way to keep me motivated. – SO THANK YOU

THANK YOU- she shouts
I want to acknowledge and thank the readers of this blog and want to let you know that you have given me much feedback, encouragement and foremost insights into me, but most and foremost this blog is giving me a lot of joy and also courage to go beyond my fears.

Now you have had your fair share of long blog posts from me recently so I’ll keep it short.

THANK you for following me and for reading the blog

Good night – Radia, The Unusual Yogini

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