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Routine & Discipline
Routine and discipline have never been my greatest forte. But to look on the upside of things – catching the moment with intuition and going with my own flow and of those around me, when I have inner clear and am relaxed, that is how I get an enormous amount of things done!

Set backs I create myself
But somehow rather always I get caught up with the idea that I have to be more organized and need to apply more discipline. Especially with this blog I want to share things and insights I have with you regularly and not long after I have the insights.

Inspiration needed!
However – and here it comes – The inspiration to write and create, I start to lack when there is too much routine and discipline, but on the other hand I need it to blog regularly (and complete other tasks)  – The ultimate dilemma. “ How to keep my creative energy flowing and at the same time run a tight ship?”

The Solution
So this is how I solve it. I keep an absolute mess at my desk! I love chaos to keep me inspired – See the proof below – and a ,bit better, organised rest of the living room/diner space.

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The Real Solution
I KNOW, I KNOW, I HEAR YOU THINKING; “No that is NOT A REAL a solution”  but than ACTUALLY it is, or at least a part of it. But also not watching TV, not taking sugar, not having a too random agenda of meetings and threading a fine balance between creation, admin, spiritual input, meeting nice unknown and nice known people, Being in ELEGANT place, business, free time with family & friends and most important NO fostering SELF Doubt.

Looking back at the last year – I am getting better at keeping the balance and the periods where I loose my calm or fret too much become less heavy and don’t last as long. But most of all interaction with you all (Family, Sangha, new made and old friends, Facebook besties, business associates) where sharing and caring happens so profoundly all help me to flourish and from my heart I wish you all the same!  #daretoshare #daretoask #daretogive #daretofail #daretoreceive is helping me to keep going and to stay inspired.

Dedicate my gratitude!

Dedicate my gratitude!

one more thought; “what if I post different things like next to a “reflection blog post” like I have been writing till now (once a week) I post other items like like, my take on a movie or song or something that has triggered my consciousness to awaken a bit more? Places I love and like to be and shop, travels an other random things!

Let me know what you think! – Love from The Unusual Yogini

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