Thursday Kathmandu!

Arrival & Departure
(the original dutch was written last wednesday and it took me a while to translate – Sorry!)
Today I leave for Kathmandu, Nepal. Still some things left to do but I’m almost ready to go.  Need to finish packing my suitcase but it’s open and waiting for the clothes I’m taking since yesterday evening.  This year I’m more prepared than previous years and I’m going to leave everything better than all previous years.
Welcome to Nepal
Yes previous years because since 2008 I travel to Nepal every year to be a kind of hostess/intermediary for guests who want to celebrate the Tibetan New Year with our teacher in Nepal.

Nepal has many faces and not everything is beautiful, easy, delicious etc. Nepal is, and certainly viewed through our Western perspective, a very poor country.  A country where a lot of money is pumped into but knows little progress with regard to the standard of living and the necessary infrastructure to achieve exactly that.

Kathmandu street

Never really land
I see and I feel that too, but somehow I’m just very much in love with Nepal – its scents, colours, food, people … for me it is a holy country and the energy I feel & recharge my battery with, I benefit from for a long time…

More than once I arrived broken; from the flight, from our somewhat gloomy dark winter, from working too hard and from all the “last minute” stress. But believe me, once I arrive all that disappears spontaneously. I cannot describe exactly how that feels, but it feels like an energy vein is being tapped or re-opened that was previously clogged or closed.

Of course, everything is explainable. Naturally I do not have the daily hustle and bustle of running a family or work, and of course this alone will have its influence but somewhere I refuse to see and feel that to be the sole reason. Because I return home like  reborn, radiant, recharged and inspired and all that ‘s altogether more than rested despite the fact I am not even on a real holiday.DSC_0228

Guru observant
The fact that I can be near my teacher for a longer time, may watch how he deals with people, always has a kind word for everyone, sometimes gives little hints for a better result for the task at hand. That he always has a solution and that he shows infinite patience are an inspiration in itself. Personally, every year I gain more and more insight into myself, by not only thinking  but by observing of what is happening around me, what advice he gives others and how he, without fail, knows how to deal with all those present, with all their needs and in the best possible way still manages to give us exactly that, is an art that I seem to recognise more and more when I get to witness it.

Clear perception
For me, this means a mirror that my reflects and magnifies my behaviour by 100,000 times, especially my egocentric self- cherishing “I” is clearly reflected but at the same time there is a space and love I feel from him to others and myself wherein I allow myself to see, to accept and to eventually change my behaviour.

I am aware everything above sounds blessed, holy and perhaps even pious – but don’t worry- I ‘m talking about the outcome, because in those weeks I’ll encounter myself more than once, and not without internal struggles or unpleasant feelings and/or the feeling of difficulty to embrace the new etc.

Also helping his guests, trying to help them with their needs and be a part of  their positive experience in Nepal has its own challenges. I try to go beyond my own needs and expectations to be a part of their secure and happy, sometimes first, trip to Nepal.

My teacher, in his wisdom, puts all his students at the right places and with the right set of challenges so that inner growth is accelerated. My teacher takes me out of my comfort zone often, and that does something to me. All in all, the right Holiday job for me!

– Until Thursday in Kathmandu, Love Radia

Do you have such people around you who do this with your inner growth at heart? Or do you have people you can lean on who make you feel safe when you yourself step out of your comfort zone? Who challenges you the most, positive or negatively and can you because of it, learn from this?

PS : I will write more short posts when in Nepal and also photos of my adventures there!

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