Yogini on Light sensitive plate

Not a Classical Beauty
Now I don’t consider myself a beauty per se. The Idea I have about myself is not always very kind especially in terms of beauty. And though I am a sucker for elegance and grace combined with classical features, I can’t really say I look like that. I don’t know what you could call my type of beauty or looks but I if you like you can do me the honours and try to pinpoint & describe what you see.

Scrutiny of my Image
Anyhow  – My own business demands from me that I look at beauty and fashion and also from time to time scrutinize myself. How do I present myself both in “brand Manner” as well as in a personal manner: representing the brand called Rinchen Tsomo or in fact just simply me.

As my last profile pictures were shot in 2012, when I started my business and I had no idea about presenting myself and my brand but I anyhow had some made which were more professional looking than the ones I could take of myself. They are beautiful but not entirely me (anymore) and new ones were due.

Meeting Marianne
Last year I met Marianne (Blogger on plus size fashion @Mollymimi, Plus size model, super genius and genuine nice person) and her boyfriend (Photographer  & Photographic designer @Anieuwhof.nl with a keen eye for beauty, with respect and love of the feminine in its totality). Here were some people I like and trusted and as I talked with Marianne a couple of times about my business she installed in me the idea that I needed to do some work in letting my customers know who I was to let that outer and inner smile be speaking for me. The idea of a new Profile shoot was born.

SMILES are forever
What Marianne said resonated with what I have learned since I was a child: that I have an infectious smile, with a laugh and energy hard to resist even for the grumpiest of old men. And honestly speaking I love that about myself. Knowing that that smile creates energy and good feeling and when people really look they will know it’s genuine. But again I don’t always smile and am not always happy or calm…Ask any family member and they’ll tell you I am fierce person with high standards which at times can make life difficult for herself or others around her, hahahaha what a coming out!

Fantastic Four
I asked Marly Kleeven (@GLAM & High five a very dear friend of mine) to join our team to complement my looks (she did the make-up), Marianne did the styling and of Course Arno took the pictures. So here was our fantastic four and this profile shoot is a first step towards letting you know about my brand, or in fact about me.

Nervous anyways
Because I had this team I felt comfortable with, the discomfort I felt with myself was the only thing left to feel no other distractions. I am not a model and will never be, but I was very nervous to see if I could let my character shine trough and not look funny, strange, ugly, etc. – You may judge so later!

Yogi & Yoginis Backstage
Marianne, Marly and Arno did such a good work in making me feel comfortable and less nervous and to give you and Idea – Marianne & Arno sang a constant stream of Disney songs alternating characters and movies and made me laugh so much… Marly is a firm reminder of a truth about me, I sometimes miss, and I don’t dare not believe her as when she says; “you look crap” I do look crap and when she says; “you look gorgeous” I can trust she is right. There is so much more to say about that fun afternoon in Maassluis but I won’t, at least not today…

Inner beauty the “True winner”
In terms of letting the inner beauty and energy and warmth shine right out of the pictures, the inner self won the battle with the insecure ego and the results are phenomenal, but that’s just my opinion! In a few days you can judge for yourself about the result but the backstage pictures give you a hint of all the fun we had.

Much Love – Radia, The Unusual yogini

Let you inner beauty shine through – see it yourself, acknowledge what other say & see in you, go out and conquer the world!!

What helps you to believe in yourself, your beauty, your capabilities, your higher self?

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